Where the Rainforest Meets the Road

Community-led conservation has taken root in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea. Now the plan’s architects must ensure that ecological protection and economic prosperity can coexist.
bioGraphic, January 2019

What killed Washington’s carbon tax?

The curious death of 1631 and what it says about the future of addressing climate change.

High Country News, January 2019

The Elwha, unleashed
After its dams came down, a river is reborn.

High Country News, September 2017

The Yaak Valley’s ‘Dirty Shame’

In the infamous Montana saloon, a lesson about home in harsh places.

High Country News, March 2017

How to love a weird and perfect wilderness

A desolate Oregon landscape offers lessons on the modern wild.

High Country News, November 2016

Why Westerners die at the hands of cops

Jack Yantis, an Idaho rancher, raised the profile of rural police brutality.

High Country News, December 2015

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