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New York: The Dutch Colony of New Netherland

New York’s history and culture is greatly influenced by its complex past, which includes the many years that the area was a Dutch colony known as New Netherland. This thought-provoking book provides a detailed history of the important people and events involved in shaping New York while it was under Dutch control. The book features beautiful paintings by Dutch artists as well as maps, primary sources, and biographical information about New Netherland’s earliest leaders.

The Land and Resources of New York
New York is a beautiful state rich in valuable natural resources that help make it a perfect location for a variety of industries and businesses. Readers will examine how the environment and resources of New York have shaped its history and industry. This engaging volume contains maps, primary sources, and photographs from New York State’s fascinating backstory of development and expansion.

Native Americans: The First People of New York

Traveling back to the time before European explorers colonized New York, many Native American tribes roamed the forests and rivers of this resource-rich land. Tribes within the Iroquois League and Algonquian-speaking groups each had their own cultures and ways of living off the land—and each had their own inventive ways of using New York’s abundant resources to survive and thrive. This book examines the earliest occupants of what is now New York State and how the arrival of European explorers greatly changed their way of life.

New York’s Government
New York has a complex three-branch system of government that is executed by a group of democratically elected leaders. This fact-filled volume examines the history of this government structure from its earliest roots in the Iroquois constitution to an explanation of the separation of powers. The book is richly formatted with full-color photographs as well as primary source documents that help bring the evolution of New York’s government into the spotlight.

New York’s Role in the New Nation
After the American Revolution, New York played a major role in the development of the newly formed United States. Not only was New York City the first capitol of the new nation, but many influential local writers, inventors, and leaders provided valuable contributions to the newly forming American government, economy, and culture. This engaging book provides information, supported by primary sources from the period, on the people and events that made New York such an invaluable part of the early history of the United States.

The British Colony of New York
New York was one of the thirteen original British colonies. During those early days, New York began to establish itself as a land of valuable resources and innovative, free-thinking individuals. This book chronicles the history of early New York, how it became a British colony, and what life was like in colonial New York. The facts are richly supplemented with detailed maps and primary source documents from the era.

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